Series of Bills Defeated in Arizona

According to a statement released by the Alto Arizona Campaign:

“Yesterday, the unprecedented happened. Arizona lawmakers voted down the series of bills that would have turned hospitals and schools into portals to detention centers. The vote yesterday is in no way an end to Arizona’s hateful efforts but it is a major defeat.

It came because last May neighbors decided to rely on each other and create Barrio Defense Committees for mutual support and new community empowerment and made their presence known and felt across Phoenix and at the Capitol. It came because 100,000 marched with us on May 29th, because the civil disobedience that shut down Sheriff Arpaio’s jails on July 29th raised the stakes of decisions like these.

If there was any doubt, a letter from 60 executives to the Senate President the day before the vote made it clear; it came because after SB 1070, “Even a business which merely had ‘Arizona’ in its name felt the effects of the boycotts.”

Yesterday’s victory is the result of the strong organizing we commit to continuing; until SB 1070 is overturned, until Sheriff Arpaio is brought to justice, until we have meaningful reform.”

To Find out more check out Alto Arizona’s Website.


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