As city and state governments continue to grapple over the issue of undocumented immigration, one perspective that has been nearly invisible in the mainstream media is that of the undocumented themselves. Recently, undocumented immigrants of many ages from across the country have come out to voice their opinions on the policies that will determine their futures. By coming out publicly to demand civil rights and equal protection under the law, undocumented immigrants, many of whom, but for their crossing the border, would have no criminal records whatsoever, risk everything. Last year, a group of undocumented students held a peaceful sit-in in two Congressional offices to protest in favor of the DREAM Act. All 21 of them were arrested.

Similarly, a young father in Chicago faces deportation as he attempts to mobilize his community in support of the DREAM Act. Even in the face of deportation, which has devastated many families, undocumented immigrants continue to remind those in charge that they will not back down until lawmakers treat them with the fairness and respect they deserve.


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