A Family’s Story of Migration

Uprooted is about shifting the terms of the immigration debate by encouraging and enabling migrants and their allies to share their stories.  Our video trainings are an integral component of this project, because they allow those without  video production capabilities the opportunity to produce a piece for inclusion in the project.

Check out this piece from one of our interns who learned basic video production while working with us. The piece illustrates the complexity of the double life undocumented migrants often must lead. Descriptions of the difficulties of living in the US without proper documentation– from the labor abuses, to becoming estranged from their country of origin and having limited opportunities here– are juxtaposed with footage of the undocumented doing quotidian activities, like preparing a meal, playing video games and doing homework.

Corporate news media often filter migrant justice issues through a nativist lens, reducing the millions of undocumented people in the United States to cultural bogeymen, if not criminals.  As Uprooted develops into a 10-part video series, we will be contextualizing the idea of “opportunity” that is interwoven throughout this piece– why are there more opportunities here than in global south? What social and economic policies have created the opportunities of the developed world and subsequently forced people of the global south to uproot themselves?

Want to produce media addressing migration issues? We can help!

Already have media on migration issues you’d like to see shared with an international audience: submit it to Uprooted for potential inclusion in our 10-part tv/dvd series!


One response to “A Family’s Story of Migration

  1. really nicely done. Telling the stories of individuals is a great way to present the topic.

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