About Uprooted

Uprooted asks: What motivates people to leave home, family and the familiar to cross deserts, oceans and language barriers? What are the experiences of contemporary migrants seeking to establish roots in a new land? What social and political climates do they encounter? How do they navigate the sociopolitical landscape?

By highlighting the social, political, and economic policies that drive migration, Uprooted will contextualize  the corporate media “debate” on immigration. It will underline the experiences of those most effected by migration and immigration policy, as well as those who are mobilizing to make those policies more equitable.

Co-ordinating Producer Eva Lewis is currently documenting popular resistance to Homeland Security’s “checkpoints” in Arizona. A seasoned and committed activist, Eva worked in El Salvador and Colombia before joining Deep Dish TV where she has contributed valuable leadership to numerous projects and to our constant and necessary fundraising efforts.


This blog is the first step in building this project.  It’s a place where videographers, producers, activists, journalists and interested individuals can engage in an open discussion.

It is also a place for showcasing video, still images, graphics, music, and any other art that deals with migration.


Uprooted: A Grassroots Examination of the Politics of Migration is Deep Dish TV’s multiplatform (web, tv, dvd) media project that challenges the mainstream media’s ‘debate’ on immigration by exploring the causes & consequences of migration.

Uprooted delves into the intersections between migration, labor, women’s issues, xenophobia, the prison industrial complex, neoimperialism & more. It is a resource for activists & organizers.

Uprooted is collaborative. We have an open call for submissions. We also facilitate the production of media. Deep Dish has a distinguished history of distributing media made by & for social movements. We collect and curate media produced by the grassroots: that means organizers & independent media makers on the ground who are living & breathing these issues!

Submissions will be featured on the Uprooted blog and distributed online. A 10-part series of one hour programs will be curated from licensed submissions and commissioned work. The 10-part series will broadcast nationally on public access TV, LinkTV, Freespeech TV and DishNetwork. The 10-part series will be distributed to universities, libraries and community organizations. Screenings & exhibitions will also be coordinated internationally.



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