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Uprooted asks: What motivates people to leave home, family and the familiar to cross deserts, oceans and language barriers? How do migrants navigate the sociopolitical landscape of their destination?

Subject matter we are interested in includes but is not limited to:

  • Economics of Emigration: Which economic, social and foreign policies displace people?
  • Media Misrepresentation: How does the mainstream media (mis)represent migration issues?
  • Families and Migration: How has migration policy affected families? How do these policies affect women, queer migrants and children?
  • Youth and Migration: How is migration affecting youth? How are young people organizing to make migration policies more equitable?
  • Labor and Migration: How does class affect migration? Which migrant workers are granted access? How has rampant unemployment affected rhetoric on immigration?
  • The History of Immigration Policy: How has migration policy changed over time? How do people become (un)documented? What should it look like in the future?
  • Borders: How are borders managed? How have their management changed over time? How should they be managed? What are people’s experiences crossing them?
  • Detention & Deportation: What spaces are being created to detain individuals? Who is profiting from these spaces? What is the effect of detention on individuals and communities? How and why do some people get deported? What happens when they are deported?
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers: How are refugees incorporated into the asylum country’s sociopolitical landscape?
  • Migration and Islamophobia: How has Islamphobia affected individuals and communities? How have the experience of Arab Americans, South Asian Americans and Muslim Americans changed in the past decade?
  • Anti-Immigrant Sentiment: How have conservatives framed the immigration debate? What are their motivations for doing so? How do we trace their history and their role in contemporary politics?
  • Changing Demographics: What are the social and political effects of changing ethnic and racial demographics? How has the census changed over time?
  • Personal Stories: What are the personal experiences of the immigrants in your community? What was their journey like? How do they relate to their “native” countries? How do they relate to their “new” culture? What does it mean to be figured as a hyphenated American or European?
  • Migration and Culture: From humor, to food, to fashion, to art and music, how have diasporas affected culture? Are we inching toward a homogenized globalized culture or a more nuanced one? How are artists and intellectuals using art and culture to advocate for migrant rights?
  • Bridge Communities: Which communities bridge borders? How and to which locations do people migrate? What are the social, cultural and political effects of these patterns? How has the concept of a place or community been affected by migration?

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Questions? Email us at uprooted@deepdishtv.org.


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