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OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Produce & submit video, images, animations, multimedia pieces, music, writing and other art for inclusion in Deep Dish TV’s multiplatform (web, tv, DVD) collaborative media project, Uprooted: A Grassroots Examination of the Politics of Migration Uprooted is a media project that challenges the mainstream media’s “immigration debate” by highlighting the social & economic policies that drive migration. It delves into how migrant justice issues intersect with labor issues, xenophobia, the prison industrial complex, neoimperialism and moreUprooted encourages and enables migrant communities and their allies to document & distribute their narratives.


Submissions will be featured on the Uprooted blog. A 10-part series of one hour video programs will be curated from licensed submissions and commissioned work. The 10-part series will broadcast nationally  and be distributed to universities, libraries, community organizations and exhibition spaces internationally. If you have project proposals you’d like to see realized, we can help! Get in touch with us via email:  to learn more about possibilities for collaboration!

If you are an organization or individual looking to support the project in other ways, you can also endorse Uprooted. Sign our endorsement form to be listed on our website and start defining your participation! For 25 years, Deep Dish has been a laboratory for new, democratic and empowering ways to make & distribute video. It is a hub linking thousands of artists, independent media makers & activists. Become part of the network–find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Reasons to Support Uprooted:

• It is a chance to create and share an alternative to the mainstream discourse on migration presented by the corporate media.

• It is a space where diverse migrant communities come together, representing the breadth and scope of the fight for migrant justice, in the United States and around the world.

• It provides a broader context for understanding migration issues, by exploring the intersections between migration, women’s issues, the prison industrial complex, neo-imperialism and more.

• It is a toolkit that activists for migrant justice can use to articulate a clear and critical understanding of the causes of migration and the need to change immigration policy.

• It is a project created by and for migrants and their allies.