Like all projects facilitated by Deep Dish TV, Uprooted is a collaboration. We are proud to be partnering on this effort with the following organizations:

Feet in Two Worlds:
“Feet in Two Worlds brings the work of immigrant and ethnic media journalists from communities across the U.S. to public radio and the web…. [Their] reporters have immigrant roots and can straddle two cultures to tell stories often unseen by the mainstream media…. [They represent] a broad spectrum of immigrant communities including Arab, Bosnian, Brazilian, Chinese, Haitian, Indian, Irish, Latin American, Pakistani, Polish, and Russian immigrants.”

Some of these journalists will be contributing work to the Uprooted project and contributing to the production of the final programs in the series.

The Drop the “I” Word Campaign:


“The I-Word Campaign represents a broad spectrum of individuals and communities from across the country that are demanding respect and rejecting the I-Word, “illegals,” as a designation of their neighbors, children, families and themselves.”

Uprooted will be partnering with the campaign in a joint effort to shift the way that we talk about immigration issues in the United States.

The Global Workers Justice Alliance:


“The mission of the Global Workers Justice Alliance is to combat worker exploitation by promoting portable justice for transnational migrants through a cross-border network of worker advocates and resources. Global Workers coined the term portable justice to describe the right and ability of transnational migrant workers to access justice in the countries of employment even after they have departed for their home countries.”

Uprooted will be collaborating with the GWJA to possibly produce a segment about their work and to shine light on the ways that labor and migration issues overlap.

Voices in Exile:

“Voices In Exile is a workshop, film and book project, and non-profit. The goal of this non profit is to break the mythology surrounding women refugees and asylum seekers, especially women refugees and asylum seekers of color [in Berlin] Germany, in their home nations, and the international community.”

Uprooted and Voices in Exile are currently seeking funding for a series of film workshops to allow asylum seekers in Germany to document their own stories as part of the Uprooted project.

Alwan for the Arts:


“Alwan for the Arts serves the Arab community and educates the broader public by showcasing a range of cultural events, thereby enriching the cross- cultural and artistic encounter. Alwan is committed to maintaining a space for reflection, dialogue, and growth in the arts and cultures of the peoples of the Middle East, North Africa, and the diaspora.”

Uprooted and Alwan worked together in 2009 to produce a series of dinner table conversations about migration with different communities around New York City and we are continuing to find ways to work together to document the experience of Arab migrants.

“ is a national organization that exists to amplify the political voice of Latino communities….Using a variety of tactics, [they] provide ways for [their] members to take action on the issues they care about. This includes providing calls to action via email, social networks, and text message, coordinating on-the-ground events, running merchandise giveaways, organizing house parties, running radio and television ads, and doing anything else [they] can think of that helps [their] members make their voices heard. [They] seek to be a centralized organizing hub for issues facing Latinos, with a focus on online activation.”

Activists from participated in a panel about migration, organized by Uprooted, at the 2010 US Social Forum and since then our partnership continues to develop.

Pan Left Productions:


“Pan Left Productions was born out of the desire to help local activists and artists make media for little or no money. Pan Left Productions has grown into a non-profit production company with an active membership that is consistently producing articulate, artistic, and thought-provoking work.”

Submissions of work from Pan Left Productions are included on this blog and will continue to be an integral part of the work submitted to this project.


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