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Bring Them Home: Lulu Martinez Checking in from Mexico City

Lulu Martinez is one of the 9 undocumented activists who crossed the border to visit their families in Mexico. Now they are fighting to come back home.

The Obama administration has created a deportation machine resulting in the destruction of over 1.7 million lives, and the devastating separation of those families by the border. Those 1.7 million people are not lost and forgotten; rather, they are people who deserve to have the choice to return to their home in this country. While we fight to dismantle the system of continued deportations, we must also fight to bring our community home.

For more “check in” videos from the activists, visit the National Immigrant Youth Alliance channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmVedomvjVwWeYZeZ9JJ6Kg?feature=watch