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Two Americans- A Documentary Film

A new documentary film by Dan De Vivo and Valeria Fernández, ,a href= “http://www.twoamericans.com/”>Two Americans, juxtaposes the experience of an Arizona girl as her parents face deportation to Mexico and Arizona’s infamous Anti-Imigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio as he faces criminal charges himself. You can watch the trailer on our videos page.


Putting Arizona in Context

The new documentary series Under Arpaio from Pan Left Productions looks at the repressive measures and abuses of Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, and examines the significance of Arizona to the national immigration debate.

Click here to watch clips from the film and read a statement by the producers, Jason Michael Aragón and Mary Charlotte, about the urgency of the struggle against discrimination and hatred in light of the SB1017 anti-immigrant law and the current political climate of Arizona.