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Uprooted Announces Fall Video Trainings!

Part of empowering migrant communities to tell their own stories is giving them the tools they need to document their experiences. This fall Uprooted will be doing exactly that.  Working with four migrant rights groups based in New York City, our team will help them to build their media making capacity through video production workshops.

We will be working with Desis Rising Up & Moving (DRUM), a community based organization of working class South Asian immigrants in New York City; VAMOS Unidos, Vendedores Ambulantes Movilizando y Organizando en Solidaridad (Street Vendors Mobilizing and Organizing in Solidarity), a community social justice organization, founded by low-income Latino/a immigrant street vendors; The New York State Youth Leadership Council(NYSYLC), an undocumented youth led organization fighting for access to higher education and the empowerment of migrant youth; and with the youth group of The Arab American Association of New York, a social service organization that seeks to support and empower the Arab immigrant community.

Click on the links above or watch the videos below to learn more about the amazing work of these four organizations!

DRUM- Youth Speak Out Part 1

DRUM- Youth Speak Out Part 2

Georgia 6- Felipe by the New York State Youth Leadership Council:

Balady Presents- Arab American Association of New York:

These groups all represent different sectors of the wide and diverse immigrant community in New York City. They don’t all take the same positions. For example, VAMOS Unidos opposes the DREAM Act because of its military provisions, where as the NYSYLC is fighting for its passage. All of them however, are dedicated to the empowerment of their communities and the struggle for migrant justice.

“Shifting the terms of the immigration debate” means presenting new dialogues and new perspectives. It means that although we may be at odds with one another on certain points, debates should be based on a premise that everyone, regardless of their origin or immigration status, is entitled to respect, dignity and human rights. All of these groups share that mission and work towards it everyday. They strive in their communities to “shift the debate” and to enable their members to articulate an understanding of their rights that challenges the mainstream discourse searching to dis-empower them.

Another thing all four of these organizations share is the work that they do with youth – training the next generation of leaders in their communities. The Uprooted team is very excited to work with these youth and other leaders on media skills: shaping documentaries, video shooting and editing.

By working with them and the tools they already have at their disposal, Uprooted hopes to build their capacity to document their struggles and tell their stories in a way that no one else can. We hope that the video training sessions will provide members and constituents of these groups with the tools to produce their own submissions for Uprooted. We are eager to hear their stories, and to share them with you!


Y Sin Embargo, Te Quiero (And Yet, I Love You)

Uprooted is proud to present the work of independent artist, Ian Deleon!

We are pleased to announce that Ian Deleon has submitted his work “Y Sin Embargo, Te Quiero” or “And Yet, I Love You” for inclusion in the Uprooted series. This work deals with the effects of the decades old economic embargo placed on Cuba by the United States. It symbolically examines the ways that this policy affects Cuban migrants living in the States as well as, the ways in which US foreign policies often times create the conditions that lead to migration.

Y Sin Embargo, Te Quiero (And Yet, I Love You) from ian deleon on Vimeo.

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Uprooted at the Left Forum!

Check out these panel discussions, filmed by Uprooted in March, at the 2011 Left Forum, the largest annual conference of left and progressive intellectuals, activists, academics, organizations and individuals.  These two panel discussions “Race and Racism in the Immigration Debate” and “Pass the Dream Act: How the Student Immigrant Youth is Leading the Immigration Debate” provide some food for thought on some of the central issues addressed by Uprooted.

Watch it here:
[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYK1lxgA%5D

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After Deportation: Portraits of Migrants

This first video production of Deep Dish TV’s Uprooted series examines the issues of Deportation and crossing the border from Mexico to the United States. The U.S.- Mexico border is the most frequently crossed international border. Many of those who traverse it, do so without travel documents, risking their lives to reach the other side. These five portraits, filmed in June of 2009, are the stories of five such Mexican migrants, recently deported to Nogales, Mexico; right across the border from Arizona.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=4947044&dest=-1]

Undocumented Students Speak Out

As part of the National Coming Out of the Shadows week of action in support of the Dream Act, student dreamers from Lehman College shared their stories on the school quad. As undocumented youth fighting for their rights, the Lehman Dreamers told the world why they are “Undocumented, Unafraid and Unapologetic”. The Uprooted team was there filming the event, check out the video below:

Coming Out of the Shadows at Lehman College Part 1:

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKtpUQA%5D

Coming Out of the Shadows at Lehman College Part 2:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=4936586&dest=-1]

Coming Out of the Shadows at Lehman College Part 3:

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKtqm8A%5D

Coming Out Of The Shadows Event At Lehman College

Lehman College DREAM Team Hosts
Coming Out Of The Shadows: Undocumented, Unafraid,
And Unapologetic March 16

BRONX, NY—The Lehman College DREAM Team will host “Coming out of the Shadows” on March 16 on the College’s South Field. The event will feature documented and undocumented students, sharing their stories, poems, and other forms of self-expression, in support of undocumented students across the nation. The event will be held from 35 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

The event takes place during “Coming out the Shadows Week,” when undocumented students throughout the country are going to put aside their deepest fears and share their stories about the challenges they have faced because of their status.

“It is of great significance that these stories are interchanged, for they allow undocumented students to realize that they are not alone, and that in their path, they have many allies besides them,” said upper junior student Christopher Chavez, president of the Lehman College D.R.E.A.M. Team. “In doing so, we hope that we can move forward and educate others about undocumented students and the DREAM Act.”

The D.R.E.A.M. TEAM was formed by a group of students to create a space for people who are or support undocumented students, and provide them with information, resources, as well as emotional support. DREAM TEAM supports a bill called DREAM Act and will try to inform people who are unaware about the issue that these undocumented students face everyday.

Asalto al Sueño Trailer

A film by Uli Stelzner about the struggles of Central American Migrants passing through Mexico to cross the U.S. border:

Check out scenes from the film and an interview with the filmmaker: